When it comes to payment gateway, there arrives a dire need to keep the money safe in such area, as it involves customers’, merchant’s confidential information. If the integrity of this information is compromised by any fraudulent means, it can prove hazardous & cause some serious damages to the money. The transactions are prone to several security breaches.

It has thus become an essential form, while setting up a business venture, to incorporate certain security checks on the confidential data to minimize intrusions in the payment processing process. Any fraudulent practices will lead to unsafe transactions; Cart Pay is a reliable payment gateway that has incorporated strong security checks for a safe transaction to detect any frauds at an early stage.

To secure one’s transactions, the first step is to have an efficient payment gateway that provides desirable solutions to the merchants, thereby securing the entire transaction process. Cart Pay offers simple solutions for fraud detection with a highly secure environment that takes care of your entire transaction process.

Hence, rest assured; the merchant does not need to worry about the risks that a transaction maybe prone to, which could be foreign attacks, intrusions, or theft in a transaction, as including high-level security measures like: PCI-DSS compliance, MOTO, 3D Secure Transactions, extensive manual verification, interactive voice response (IVR), etc. makes the entire transaction process to be handled by a team of experts & utmost care is laid on easy, secure & reliable payment processing technique.

The transactions are handled in safe hands at Cart Pay by incorporating efficient fraud detections. This robust payment gateway system offers the payment gateway solutions to high-risk businesses like: payment gateway for tech support, online pharmacy, retail stores, resume services, etc. which is an added advantage when dealing with managing credit card transactions for such high-risk industries.



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