A merchant account is more complicated than the payment gateway. Basically, the merchant account is an online bank account that temporarily holds your money, where you’re the merchant until it has moved into your actual bank account. After a successful transaction, money will be transferred to the merchant account & sits there for a few days, usually 3 days in the case of Cart Pay.

In most cases, it would automatically be transferred into your bank account, the actual account where you put forth all your deposits. Hence, the merchant account acts as a temporary tank that holds your money from the online sales. Cart Pay is a leading global player in payment gateways that provides enhanced & advanced payment gateway solutions for your merchant account.

The quick & highly secure transaction time followed for each transaction makes Cart Pay a top choice in payment gateway for the merchants present worldwide. The excellent services provided by Cart Pay don’t end there; Cart Pay has an advanced range of solutions for various industries including tech support, online pharmacy, resume & SEO services, IT & software, website designing, e-commerce, airline industry, hotel reservation, etc.

Cart Pay provides its merchants with a dedicated merchant account. This dedicated merchant account is exclusively set up just for the merchant. It is like your very own online bank account that is set up for your online business venture. If you set up an account with a payment gateway like: Cart Pay, you’ll by default get a dedicated merchant account. With this dedicated merchant account, you can often negotiate custom rates for your sales.

These rates are based on the volume of sales you process & the varied types of products that you sell. Hence, a dedicated merchant account has more control over your money. An extensive background check of the merchants is carried out to provide merchants with their own dedicated merchant account. A thorough security check is put before giving a dedicated merchant account to our customers in order to avoid any intrusions.



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