Online Pharmacies have gained quite a lot of popularity since recent years. Now one might wonder, why buy from an online pharmacy, when you can purchase medications from a local drugstore? To put simply, there is such an ease of access when buying medicines online, the hassles of visiting nearby medical stores is eliminated & one can easily buy their desired medicines by just clicking their mouse buttons. Hence, a lot of time is saved when buying medicines from an online pharmacy. Now, since online pharmacy is a high-risk business, hence, it requires utmost care in handling the transaction process of online pharmacies. The payment –processing involved in high-risk businesses like: online pharmacy, requires thorough background checks of the given online pharmacy.

At Cart Pay, we understand the requirements of our merchants; hence, we aim at providing the best payment gateway solutions for such a high-risk industry like: online pharmacy, whereby the risk of foreign attacks, intrusions, & breaches in security is highly likely than any other industry. This is the reason that Cart Pay incorporates several security checks at each step of the transaction, in order to check whether or not it is a valid transaction, & in case any fraudulent measures or suspicious activities are noticed at any step of the transaction process, then, the transaction is halted & checked whether or not it satisfies the basic security schemes.

Each transaction at Cart Pay is PCI – DSS Compliant, which ensures utmost security even for the intricate details of the transaction. Other practices like: 3D Secure transactions, MOTO Mobile Order Telephone Order, VT Virtual Terminals, etc. are inculcated in the transaction process in order to ensure easy, simple, & highly secure transaction process. Hence, Cart Pay provides spectacular payment gateway solutions for high-risk industries like: Online Pharmacy. So, the merchants can stay safe by using Cart Pay as their default payment gateway for their online pharmacies.



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