Payment Gateway is a service provided by payment processors that process the credit/debit card transactions. When a customer is buying something from an online store, they ought to add their credit card details during the checkout process.

The e-commerce website then sends this information to the payment gateway that further authorizes the transactions, as to whether or not it is a valid transaction, & then further, the payment is processed. If the credit/debit cardholder has entered correct details & it matches with the information on file of the credit card company, the charge is approved by the payment gateway & hence the money is then transferred from the customer’s credit card to the merchant account.

Cart Pay is one such payment gateway that eases the entire transaction process. Every payment request, thus received at Cart Pay is extensively checked for any fraudulent means or practices, & once the authorization process is completed, the payment gateway verifies the transaction. In this way the payment gateway provides efficient payment gateway solutions to its merchants to carry out the entire transaction process with an ease.

Hence, the onus lies on an efficient payment gateway system as to make the process of the entire transaction to be made quite easy by acting as an intermediary service that has to validate a given transaction.

Cart Pay, with its splendid services, provides optimum payment gateway solutions for all its merchants for several industries like: online pharmacy, resume services, tech support, e-commerce, retail stores, website development, IT & Software, etc. & has proved its mettle in delivering the best in market payment gateway solutions for its merchants. The merchants can even customize as to how they want their payment gateway to be like.



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